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IEEEL Institute

International Excellent Education for Excellent Life (IEEEL Institute) is the organization that concerns in development of human resource by build both hard and soft skill. We provide several training to professionals, entrepreneurs and students. We are certifying thousands people typically in Human Resource Management, Business Operations & Strategic Self Development.

IEEEL Institute is an authorized knowledge provider based in Singapore which officially provides the training to fill the need of high impact training for professionals. Our certification programs conducted through Synchronous (Zoom) & Asynchronous (Learning Management System). We started our operation in 2020. Our instructors and speakers are Practitioners, Industry Experts from credible industries and University Professors.


IEEEL Institute’s mission is to provide total impactful knowledge to every people through Excellent Education.

Legality & Recognition

AHU: 0169644.AH.01.11.
Year of 2020
NIB 0205010050987
NPWP: 96.158.313.5-416.000

Partnership with International Organization for Project Management: